Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yep you guessed it! This week was full of Dinosaurs. The older three boys finished their Dioramas and they did a great job. The older two have plans to do a short video, using still shots, with theirs.

This is Daniel's Diorama, we used clay to make the Dinosaurs.

This is Joshua's Dinosaur Diorama.

This is Mick's Dinosaur Diorama.
Mine and Noah's is yet to be finished!!

I had the older two choose 10 different Dinosaurs each to learn about and Daniel is doing the lapbook. I am also in the middle of creating more things for the older two, to fill their notebooks. Noah is still working in his Dinosaur coloring book which also focuses on letters.We left for the city on Wednesday and endured the 5 hour journey. It was nice though, to get out of here for a day. While there Mick, Danny and Dad took in the movie Inkhart and myself Noah and David got to enjoy a wonderful ice cream cone and a great adventure in Walmart..woohoo. They all enjoyed themselves. Josh decided to stay back and spend some time with his buddy.
Once home we then made Dinosaur eggs using balloons and paper mache. We then painted them.

And yes even Simba was I love the middle picture of David and I painting.

And the finished eggs.

And here are the eggs hatched! Noah named his Shasta the Dinosaurus...too cute. David's is babe, Daniel's is Meat Eater, Mick's is Adam and Joshua's is Rex!

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  1. Hi Roxy,

    I got your comment on my blog. If there are specific lapbooks you're interested in, I'd need to know the title and the e-mail address in which to send them to. I didn't seen a way to contact you here via e-mail. I hope you don't mind me leaving this comment instead. You can e-mail me directly using the button on my sidebar at Simply Lapbooks. (I just posted our pictures of our Dental Care Lapbook). Thanks so much!