Monday, January 26, 2009

A new week a new start

Well It's Monday and it has been a very good day. We started the day off by seeing Dad off for the's always hard when he goes but he's gotta do it. He will be house hunting while he is gone so yes this does mean there may be a move in the very near future!! Yay.
Well in math right now Josh is working on fractions, adding them, multiplying them finding equivalent fractions and everything else to do with fractions!! Mikaiah is working on a geometry unit and Daniel is sill working on addition and subtraction slowly moving into borrowing and fun stuff like that! Reading, well they all have their reading workbooks and will be starting a novel tomorrow. Daniel is 3 books away from finishing the kindergarten Hooked on Phonics set and is sooo excited to be moving onto the grade 1 set...way to go Daniel.
In Science we are starting a unit on dinosaurs and will go into volcanoes, fossils, and all the things that go along with it. Everyone will be doing Dinosaurs but the older boys will go further into it than the younger boys.
In Social the older 2 are doing a unit on Canada and Daniel is doing a unit on His community. We are really dragging our feet through this as the boys find it boring so I will have to find something for our next unit that is interesting for them. Boys so hard to
Noah is currently working on a totbook about construction vehicles, that focuses on colors and numbers.
So now I must go cook dinner and get my printer working
God Bless

Writing Mini Office

Here is the writing mini office I made for my grade 1 boy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lower Elementary mini office

This is the math mini office I made for Daniel who is currently in Grade 1

12 days of Christmas Lapbook

Here is our 12 days of Christmas lapbook. We all worked on this one together and it turnedour to be a great learning experience for us all.

Math Mini office

Here are the Mini Offices I made for the boys, they really enjoy them and being able to have their own private space

Candy Cane lapbook

Here is our Candy cane lapbook we did together.

Christmas Symbols lapbook

This Lapbook Mikaiah completed mostly by himself. I helped him look up things on the internet but he did most of it solo.

Nativity Lapbook

We did four Christmas themed lapbooks and most of them we did together. This one I did with my 3 yr old, something simple but engaged him in the story of the Birth of Christ.

Noah's Thanksgiving lapbook

Here is Noah's Thanksgiving lapbook. We did it together and he did remarkably well for a 2 yr old. He really just enjoys the thought of doing school work!!!

Danny's Thanksgiving Lapbook

Here is the Lapbook Daniel did for Thanksgiving

Mikaiah's Thanksgiving lapbook

Here is Mick's Thanksgiving Lapbook

Joshua's Thanksgiving lapbook

Here is video of the Thanksgiving lapbooks we did

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Noah's colors lapbook

Here is the first lapbook I did with my son Noah. We are working on his colors here. He thoroughly enjoyed doing the lapbook and continues to do them. He thinks he is a Big Boy doing schoolwork with his brothers.

Daniel and the Lion's Den

This is my son Daniel's first lapbook...he absolutely loves to lapbook and the learning is so awesome!!!

Primates Lapbook

My 11 year old son Mick did this Primates lapbook....we did it all on our own as I did not find one on the net...but it turned out really good.

Joshua's Bee Lapbook

Here is a video of my Oldest son's first Lapbook - Topic; Bees


Well I have all these videos of my boys' lapbooks and I can't upload them!!! wah.....
Well I will figure it out and I am sure my wonderful husband will help me do that.

Well currently in our schooling Josh is doing fractions and decimals in math, more grammer, spelling and reading skills. Mick is working on geometry and shapes along with writing skills and reading comprehension. Together they are doing a notebook on Canadian history. In Science we are all moving into a unit on Dinosaurs!!! So along with that we will do some stuff on Volcanos too.
Daniel is carrying on with reading using Hooked on Phonics....math adding and subtracting and moving into adding and subtracting double digits soon. We are starting reading comprehension, working on printing and a lot of copywork. For Social he is working on a notebook about our community and as the other boys he will be starting some stuff on Dinosaurs shortly. Noah well he is come and go, so Idon't pressure him. Next year he will have to cooperate more but for now we just let him do as much or as little work as he wants but he has completed 3 lapbooks which is awesome! He is really into lions, zebras, well any animal from the Lion King so I am thinking about creating him a Lion King Lapbook!!! I will let you all know how it goes.
Well I am off now to get dinner on the table....mmmm we are having Pizza Casserole and salad tonight. YUMMY
God Bless

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally a break in the weather

Today was a great day!!! We are finally having a break in the weather here!! -21 today it has been in the high 30s and low 40s for the past t weeks, it has been crazy. WHen it is that cold and you have 5 doesn't mix well. So today we took full advantage and went sliding, roasted smokies and hotdogs, drank hot coaco and had a full day, it was so nice! The weather is supposed to only get better throughout the week so I will be planning some outdoor time this week...yay!