Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Family and Baby Sarai Update

Noah and David made the first Snowman!!

Well here we are, winter is peeking at us around the corner, and so is our little princess!

We had our first snow at home a few weeks ago and much fun was had by all. From snowmen to snow tigers and not to mention snow balls! The kids even tried to go sledding in the mere 1 inch of wet snow we got. Lol

We also hosted not one but 2 birthday parties within 2 weeks! Talk about consisted of 17 kids between the ages of 1-14 the second was not so wild...only little kids and few older kids, much more toned down from the teenage party. Oh my I can't even believe I just said the "T" word! Well it will definitely is going to be a knew chapter for us but it will be fun....he is such a good boy and he is a child of the Almighty so he is in His hands and we will continue to raise all our boys with the Lord's guidance!

Noah's 4th Birthday Party....will add pics of Josh's party too
As for me, well I am here 1500 miles away from my husband and 3 boys. Thankfully I brought 2 of them with me to keep me sane and not too lonely. We are now playing the waiting game! Not a game I like too much but the anticipation of finally getting to meet our little princess is so great! In just a few short weeks we will be holding her in our arms delivered unto us by our Father. She will go through obstacles but will conquer and overcome! We have many many people praying for her and her health and we are very confident in our Lord, he can do ALL things!!

In our most recent appointments she looks to be doing well. She is very active and responds to voices with her kicking. Oh and did I mention she likes to wake up when mommy wants to sleep?? I am sure she is wondering where that soothing voice she will call Daddy went, soon enough she will hear it again. There are few new things they are observing in the echo cardioultrasound but will not be certain of everything until she is born and they can see better. She does have a small hole in her heart as well which will work to their advantage with her and what they do. As of now plans are still the same for her delivery; she will be born naturally and after birth will be taken to the Children's hospital with Daddy in tow!! Just like a little girl now isn't it....with Daddy in tow!!

(Front of Sarai's Pr
ayer Blanket)
Our family along with many wonderful friends have helped us to make this wonderful prayer blanket for Sarai. Each square or piece of material has been held and had a prayer over it by the person/people who have sent it to be included in her blanket. Once the blanket was completed, mommy and daddy said a special prayer over the whole blanket and it is now put away and ready for her to have with her from the time she is born. My plan for this blanket is to keep adding to it as the years go by and she will always have it. So many thank yous to all of you who helped with this special project!!! Blessing on all who are in prayer for us, may you all in return be blessed by the Lord.

Well just another 9 sleeps and the rest of my family will be here with us to await her arrival. I have to have routine ultrasounds and visits with the OBGYN once a week until Sarai is born. Oh yea her name is Sarai (princess) Faith Michelle. I love the name. It was funny cause I was thinking it and then Daddy said it and so it is! For the next few days I think my boys and I are just going to lay low, do some school work and get a lot of rest!! Yay I am actually excited about it, it seems that we have been going and going non stop so it will be nice to just relax.

Well I have been up since 6:30 am and really need some sleep. Goodnight and God Bless you all!!