Sunday, February 15, 2009

What happened to the weekend??

Well I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and Valentine's Day!!!
As for us we started off the weekend taking in a local hockey tournament and Handgames Tournament, which the boys payed in. It was fun to watch them they always have so much fun....for those of you who are reading this and do not know what that is, it is basically a guessing game, 6 players on each team and each player has a rock or something small in their hand. They hide it and then one player from the other team will point a certain direction and if
you get caught then you are out. They play for sticks and when you win all the sticks 2 times you win the game and all this to the beat of the drum. The boys team came in 3rd place so they were pleased!!
On Saturday I woke up the family, presented them with a wonderful little Valentine's Day Breakfast. I made them Waffles with whip cram and blueberries and turkey was delicious!! After breakfast I gave the boys there Treat bags I made up for them and Dad his chocolates.
After that we headed out to the rec center for more of the hand games and hockey. The boys made a bunch of Valentine cards and taped chocolates on them. Some of the card said Happy Valentine's Day and some said Jesus Loves You and others had Bible verses on them. They just handed them out to random people and kids. The receivers were really happy to receive them and they added a bit of Joy to those who were lonely or down and out. It was so nice!
Now I am off to bed....a new week starts tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel good enough in the morning to get up and do my exercise!!I will write more tomorrow. Good night all and God Bless

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