Monday, February 2, 2009

Dads and sons

Did it ever amaze you just what a cardboard box could do for one's family?? It always amazes me. Get a good empty box and let the kids go nuts, they love it, more than any toy you could buy!! We have done castles, hotels, cars, and now even skidoos!!! Awhile back Dad showed Josh how to make a skidoo out of a laundry soap box (something he did as a kid) the kid loved it. Yesterday Josh asked Dad to show him how again, and 4 skidoos later the boys all had the greatest smiles and were all hyped to go outside (at 10pm) to try them out. Some of them had riders taped on and one even had a flashlight through the front as a headlight. But I think the best part was watching as Dad and boys spent this time together, creating!!! How wonderful.


  1. can ya post a bigger picture of that awesome skidoo craft project? My son would love to do that -any directions would be most appreciated too, if dad doesn't mind sharing! THanks

  2. Yea I will do that in the next day or so