Friday, June 5, 2009

A New Chapter

The Boys on the Big Dump Truck

Well hello all!! Yea yea I know it's been awhile since our last post. Well considering the sickness of being pregnant and our big move, I don't think I am doing too bad!

So where shall I begin.....well after , let me count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 loads I believe...we are finally moved! It was a lot of work but we are here, in our new house somewhat settled and excited about what the Lord has in store for us now. And no there is not a thing I miss about our old house. Only people, good friends and the kid's friend Justin (yea we miss you big guy), Joe, Frankie, David, Carson, Leeland, Jr. and Jimmy oh yes and dare I not forget miss Reagan!!

So about our house..I will post pics later...It is a 5 bedroom house with two bathrooms, dining room, small kitchen (I will have to get used to that) living room and a family room which is now my honey's office. There is a nice size patch of grass in the front and the back yard...well let's just say it needs some work. The only things I don't like is the back yard and the unfinished deck which has some safety issues. But all in all it feels like a home and one of the best things about it......there are NO BUGS!!!! (Yea that's a story for another time)

I love this picture of his shirt, and no it wasn't planned

So the town we live is is called Faro, it's not very big but it is absolutely beautiful. You can see mountains out the window and everything is green green green! The people here are very friendly and I have already met a few other moms at a local playgroup we have managed to attend a few times. There is a small grocery store here which has all the necessities to keep one going for awhile, but we will have to do most of our bulk shopping when we go into town. There is no gas station here as it burnt down last year I believe but the next town is only 30 minutes away. So I suppose most people keep a stock pile of gas around. There is an awesome golf course here which, ready for this, runs throughout the town...yes right in town, so always be alert and listening for "Fore". There are 2 ball diamonds, a skateboard park and many smaller little parks around the town. And that is a brief summary of where we are.

David on the swings at a park.

The first 3 1/2 months of this pregnancy were, well honestly, quite awful! I was very nauseated almost all the time, had very little energy, and very very tired! So packing cleaning and moving were all a blurr between the trips to the bathroom and dizziness! But I made it....and no pills to curb the nausea. My thoughts were if I can just get over this it will be okay, and in the end it will have been so worth it! For some of you reading you are probably like "Yea yea lady...nausea is a part of pregnancy", well not for me! I was not like this with any of the boys, only vehicle sickness, but nothing like this! So with all the said I am so hopeful for a girl! I am 16 weeks today! and I am feeling a lot better...Thank God! I have my days here and there of feeling nauseated but it is nothing like before...and I now need to decide if it would be better for me to travel on an empty stomach or what. I have more energy but am still feeling quite tired. Yesterday I could feel the baby really moving about, it was such an awesome feeling to feel this little life inside of me, this miracle growing within. Noah and I have been keeping track of how big the baby is every two weeks. He is amazed by it. I was actually thinking about doing a scrapbook type of project with him and keep track of the sizes and what he says about it. The other boys are excited and all hopeful for a girl too...Daddy doesn't say much but I think he is really hoping for "Daddy's little girl".

After we moved we decided to let the boys attend the local public school here to finish out the year. With the move and my being literally sick and thought it would be the best decision for them. They are quite enjoying it and have met all the kids and made a lot of friends! We are happy with our decision so far and the kids seem to be right where they are supposed to be....except for Daniel and his reading but we were well aware that he was behind in that. So he is getting an extra boost he needs and we will continue with the Hooked on Phonics program we have over the summer. I do miss them, and teaching them but at the same time I am enjoying the free time to keep up with the house and the time with the younger boys. However regardless of our schooling choices for them in the fall.....we are going to have preschool for Noah and David.

Well that is us and what is up here. We look forward to the summer holidays and all the adventures to come! I will keep updating frequently now that I am settled.
God Bless