Sunday, February 1, 2009

The end of one week and the start of a new

Well what can I say the week went by so fast!!! That is definitely not a bad thing, especially for those of us who were missing Daddy. And he came home a day earlier which was even better.
This week we began a unit in Science on dinosaurs. The older two boys are notebooking everything where Daniel is doing a lapbook and a bit of notebooking. Noah is practicing writing and recognizing numbers and I also made him a Dinosaurs A-Z coloring book, which he loves, and we will continue working on his tot book. I have many activities planned and I am so happy we are going to the city this week so we can get some needed supplies. We are going to be making dinosaur eggs using paper mache, dinosaur treats for snack one day, doing a dinosaur dig where the kids will be able to pretend they are paleontologists, and we have begun working on dioramas! The kids loved this idea and the older two are talking about making a short video using their dioramas, when they are done I will post the video they make. Noah and I will begin ours on Monday and we are doing a creation diorama and then a dinosaur one also. David, well he just likes to be at the table, we have been giving him various dino pictures to color or shall I say scribble, baby art work is so cute!! We bought him some of the crayola beginners sets and so far he loves the paints, I mean what baby wouldn't when you can get it in your hair all over your hands your belly and face, it's great.
We were blessed with some awesome warm weather this weekend, -2 yesterday!! and warming up to -4 today. We took the boys to the ski hill yesterday so everyone got to ski or snowboard, even Noah...he was so cute. David walked around and just enjoyed playing in the snow and watching the skiers and snowboarders coming down the hill. Hopefully today we will make it out to the lake to take in some sliding....we'll see, we are so far off to a very slow start today. Well I will update hopefully each day from now on or at least every few days as to what is happening in our world. Take care all and God Bless

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