Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Update

Yea Yea I know I know, in my last post I said I would update more frequently! I have got to get on the ball here. However our life has kinda hit a few obstacles and we are getting through the course, all the while having the Lord hold us up!

At the present time I am 31 6/7 weeks pregnant, yes tomorrow I will be 32 weeks!! We have found out that our little girl has a heart defect which will require surgery soon after birth. Having all this news and information loaded on us sure has been trying, but we are getting through and only focusing on the positives each day! We have been blessed with a great team of doctors, nurses and case workers and of course most of all with the love and support of family and friends!! We will have the blog up and running quite frequently to update and have photos of our little Princess when she is born and during the time she is in hospital.

There is so much to do and to get prepared before we are gone to wait and yesterday I was informed that I may be sent out earlier than we thought. I will fly out with 2 of the boys and Brian and the other 3 will come a few weeks later. We will move from the comforts of our home to a hotel suite for a period of about 2 months! We will try our best to create a home atmosphere for our boys and us, but I am sure we will have our challenges.

School is back in full swing for the 3 oldest boys and we are doing some preschool things with Noah, but it is just not going as I planned with all the preparing that is going on here. Who would have thought that the boys would be growing and I would need to sort through clothes to pull out bigger clothes and put away smaller ones! And the fact that winter (yes i said the "W" word) is peeking around the corner, which means we need to get the summer stuff put away and the winter gear out! Well I have almost accomplished those two items on my list, I am so very close!! However I did hear my husband ask me what in the world I was doing when he walked into the garage...LOL

Now the weekend is here, Dad is gone and I am here with the 5 boys!! I was feeling a bit anxious earlier about what kind of stress I may be under with fighting, screaming and the phone that rings 100 times from after school until bedtime, and usually not even once is it for an adult in our home! However I must re look at my outlook on this time with them and enjoy it, for in a few short weeks everything will be in a complete upheaval with our time being mostly spent in the hospital! I love my boys so much. I was sitting here earlier trying to figure out what we can do tonight to keep things at a minimal, so I think I have chosen pizza and movies! The boys can bring out their sleeping bags, stretch out on the floor and we will all watch some great family movies together.

Tomorrow we may have company, which will be nice. I think I will finish up with getting the summer clothes put away, and with the help of my boys, bring some organization to the garage that has somehow EXPLODED!! That will give me two more things checked off my list and only 16 more to go.....awwww time must slow down.

I am often comforted by the thought of the Lord Holding our precious little girl and comforting her in this time. A friend of ours told us of a vision she had where she seen the Lord's heart beating in time with hers......He loves her so very much and we are confident that He will continue to strengthen her each day. It makes me remember that He is so much a part of us, the life in us!

Well until next time, Blessings to you all