Monday, August 27, 2012

Sarai's poem!!

A very dear woman in my life, a spiritual mother as I like to call her, wrote this poem for us just around the time Sarai passed onto her new life with the Lord!!! Thank you momma Reams!!! <3

“Lord, with you all things are possible”

I came just to stay for awhile,
Just to make my mommy smile.

I came from heaven so that you could see,
The beauty of Christ’s work in me.

I came perfect, yet broken,
Destined to inspire words that would often be spoken,
“Lord, with you all things are possible”.

Mommy and Daddy struggling in their hearts by night
and a song by day,
Decisions to make, “Lord, show us the way”.

They walk down long hospital halls,
Crying, “Lord, do you hear us when we call?”

The surgery, improvement, and I can go out,
I love it when I hear Mommy shout,
“Lord, with you all things are possible!”

Off we go on a long trip,
Daddy drives at a pretty good clip.

Boys and noise, hugs and kisses,
All of this for their Little Princess.

Home with family surrounded by love,
Secure and protected by a peaceful white dove.
And I hear Mommy pray...
“Lord, with you all things are possible”.

I got sick, so away went mommy and me,
To the place I’d rather not be.

Doctors and nurses and tubes and lights,
Trying to make everything right.

But I love Mommy’s cuddles as feeds me,
She shelters me like a strong, beautiful tree.
And I hear her whisper.....
“Lord, with you all things are possible”.

Then one day Mommy leaves me and goes and gets the boys,
She’s not gone long- just a few clothes and some toys.

Then, there peering down at me, are all of my brothers,
I smile; they love me above all others.

Then in the middle of their rambunctuous play,
They give me a little kiss, take my tiny hand and say...
“Lord, with you all things are possible”.

Out through the hospital doors, in my Mommy’s arms,
She vowed to protect me from all harm.

The boys, the energy, the fun we’ll have too,
The picnic, the rodeo, we’re off to the zoo.

We’re even going shopping; I get my ears pierced,
The boys pretend they’re a lion so fierce.
And I see Mommy smile and say....
“Thank you, Lord, with you all things are possible”.

I’m a bit tiny, yet I eat and grow strong,
But then something happens, something goes wrong.

The doctors are worried and I must go back,
They work very hard to get my heart back on track.

But, I’m tiny and so is my heart,
And everyone knew right from the start,
That their prayers had to be....
“Lord, with you all things are possible”.

I love it when Mommy walks in every morning,
My chin starts to quiver and I just might cry, because I love her so much.

There are so many changes, so many decisions to make..
Blood samples, tubes, wires, and lights keep me awake.

Consulting with specialist just how long,
A transplant, Sarai that strong?

So the talks and the questions go on through the night
But yet there remains a beacon of light....
“Lord, with you all things are possible”.

My angel has been with me here all along,
In the nursery, the operating room, the medi-vac, and
when Mommy holds me and sings me a song.

But you see, I’m only tiny, a little bit small,
I didn’t even crawl or grow very tall.

But I am very special; a princess indeed,
Daddy wrote me a song, in which he sings lead.....”My Girl”.

And so, I must leave now, I only came for awhile.
And when you think of me and my time with you, say with a smile......
“Lord, with you all things are possible”.

Dedicated to mommy, my source of refuge and comfort, my daddy, a praiser and singer of songs, my brothers, champions for the right, my family, full of love and strong warriors of faith.
Love, Sarai