Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Ladue Summer

Well well well.......yea I know you have probably all given up on my blog. I have been a terrible blogger haven't I?

Well the summer has been great so far, not too much rain and a lot of beautiful weather. However there has been a great amount of smoke due to the forest fire which is quite near to us, so as soon as the smoke clears up we will spend more time outside.

The Fire

The boys have taken in golf lessons, summer camp, swimming lessons and swim team, archery, camping, and hand games. The last thing we need to do now is take a family holiday!!
Dropping the kids off to go to camp!
The kids won 2nd place at the Hand games tournament, 2 of the team members were missing at the time of the picture...way to go John 3:16
Dad, brothers, sister and Dad won 3rd in the adults division!!

Right now we are at 25 weeks in the pregnancy and have some great news!! We are having a GIRL!!! Everyone here is so ecstatic, as you can imagine. The closet is slowing beginning to have more and more pink!! We have chosen a name for her but will keep it a secret until she is born. So stay tuned.

Here she is at 19 wks in this pic our little "Princess"

Right now hubby and our oldest boy are gone on a work/hunting trip. Lord willing they will be successful in both and come back with a nice cheque and a nice bull moose and caribou!! And maybe sonny will get to get his first kill. So me and the other four boys are going at it this week at the house Hopefully we will get some baking and cleaning done along with some sorting of clothes and inventory of winter stuff, yes I said winter stuff. With the leaves beginning to turn yellow we all know that winter is not too far off!! Maybe my honey's idea of moving way south for the winter's is not such a bad idea, although we would then miss all the sliding and winter weenie roasts with the kids.

And wouldn't you know it, school starts in just 2 weeks. Some of the boys are wanting to homeschool and go to the public school to take part in a few of the courses they offer and the other one is still undecided. We have some talking to do here in the next couple weeks and make a desicion.

In just 5 short days we will be celebrating David's 2nd birthday and then in a month our oldest son turns 13!! Wow how fast time flies. I must always remind myself that these years are such a short time and to take in each moment and treasure it dearly! Children grow so fast they go from being so needy to wanting to do everything for themselves, from wanting to learn everything to thinking they know everything. All these things help us to grow in everyway possible in our Christian walk. Above all we learn so much about LOVE. How to love the Lord with all our hearts, minds, and strength, and to trust him no matter what comes our way, and how to Love everyone else around us. To be able to show our children these qualities physically, emotionally and mentally is absolutely PRICELESS!! I thank God each and every day for our boys, now a little girl and our marriage and family.

Well my friends, I must get dressed at some point this day and make a trek to the store. I have an order for banana bread and

Love you all and blessings your way