Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yay we're almost done!!

Well we completed another successful week! Danny is so close to being finished his Dinosaur lapbook and the older two are still working in their Notebooks. They were on hold for a few days due to no ink in the printer but we are back in business. And it gave us time to focus a bit more on Social and get all their Prime Minister matchbooks done. By the way they really enjoyed this and learning about all the PMs!
We did take one day off this week to go on a road trip with Dad. It was nice but it threw the boys off a bit the day after!! Oh well it was nice just to go and be refreshed in the Lord through podcasts and listening to music, and it also makes way for a lot of conversation be
tween myself and Dad. We were also able to hit some great sales on winter boots and books!!
In math Mick is finishing up his unit on geometry and Joshua is finishing up his unit on fractions. Daniel and I will be putting together his Addition lapbook next week and starting his Subtraction Lapbook. I made him a Dinosaur adding/subtracting FFG and he really enjoyed that.
Noah wasn't too interested this week but he did do some of his number copywork pages and some more coloring in his Dinosaur pages.

We were very happy to announce that Daniel finished his Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten set and we have moved onto the Grade 1 set. To celebrate he decided to write his own book using all the words he learned in the first set.
We ended the week with learning about Paleontologists and we did a dinosaur bone dig on Friday. I had cleaned off some chicken bones and we decided to fill containers with snow and water then refreeze. It worked great and didn't cost anything! Always a plus.

Here is Noah working at his

Josh, he was very into this and worked very patiently at his

Here is Mick showing off his find.
They used screwdrivers as chisels and
paintbrushes for their tools

And of Course Daniel...He found 3!! Only when home schooled can you go to school dressed as Spider-Man.

And here is a close up of the whole thing in the container.
Well that is how our week went. Check us out in the next few days for more updates!!
God Bless

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  1. so very true - only when you homeschool can you dress like spiderman. :) we've had those days too!