Monday, March 23, 2009

Here we go again!!

Here we go again. Another day another week! Well I am happy to report that although the dinosaur lapbooks and notebooks have been put on the back burner for a bit, they have come out again and are 1 day away from being complete. Believe me we are ALL happy, it just seems to have taken so very long.

On the past Thursday I gave Josh and Mick their new lapbooks to start....yea start but they finished by Friday after lunch! I didn't realize how excited they were about these ones, they were rattling off information to me all day long for 2 days. Josh did his guitar lapbook and Mick did a technology one. I will post them tomorrow. Our niece Kassandra also finished her Dolphin lapbook and is pretty excited about giving it to Grandma and Grandpa.
Over the weekend we got a lot accomplished around here. Well I think we did...ha ha. I do know that the kitchen is looking pretty bare and the computer from the schoolroom has been moved to the living room. It took the place of our tree....looks like that will be the last time we see it again until November!

It was awesomely warm this weekend and the kids enjoyed a lot of time outside. On Sunday night something overcame Josh and he was a cleaning machine!! He did a great job and everything looked so nice, I love it when they get into that mood, you know to be helpful and to do it without the complaining! It's great.Highlight of the week David can talk!!! Silly me, I was starting to wonder why he wasn't trying to talk, but really why should he talk when he has 4 older brothers, a mom and a dad who all seem to know exactly what he wants or needs! But he said "hewhoa" (hello), eyes, "ose" (nose) , "aww" (hair), "airs" (ears). It was so cute, and yes mommy Oh those milestones.

This week has started with a bulk making of waffles!! I am not sure what i was thinking by quadrupling the batch but the good thing is, now we have a whole bunch in the freezer ready to be popped in the toaster. Great snacks and fast too!
Daniel had his first lesson on what a noun is today. He thought this was pretty interesting, and boy am I glad he did since this is just the beginning of many years of learning about that stuff! Danny also finished up the last of his dinosaur things for his lapbook and we discussed how he would like the layout for it, so tomorrow we will put it altogether the way he wants, you'll have to stay tuned to see it.
Josh and Mick did a study on Saskatchewan today and Josh got Kassandra to help as she is moving there in the fall. She was really interested in learning about her soon to be new "home." They also finished up the rest of their unfinished dinosaur items.
After all our work was completed today Daniel and I went on a few errands was his turn this time and he was so excited. Every time I take one of them downtown they get to have a treat at the store and Danny's treat is always a Kinder Surprise egg!
When we got home I started a batch of 100% wholewheat bread and buns. once they were rising I put on a pot of some yummy homemade turkey rice soup..mmm...mmm..mmm!
The bread turned out great and of course the kids wanted some cinnamon buns! Okay okay I am trying to lose weight here and I have to resist the temptation and reach for some fruit instead, it's hard but I know I can do it. Daniel had to be in the picture, he was so excited about those ones with the icing!!

Well the rest of the week is looking pretty busy. Dad, Josh and Kassandra are leaving tomorrow to drop Kassie off with her momma and Dad has some work to do. On Thursday morning the rest of us will leave to the city for a weekend full of hockey!! The boys are so excited. Dad and Josh will meet us there onThursday evening. Before we leave I will finish up a project I am secretly working on for Kassandra's birthday present and hopefully get some packing done....I am almost thinking this could possibly somewhat of a break week for the boys, with a lot of reading going on. We are also going to be starting a Spring Reading Challenge in our they reach 75 points they will get to go to the store and get a treat of their choice! They can earn points by reading books, reviewing lapbooks, reading to the younger boys, and playing educational games we have made. So it will be fun too.
Well It's bedtime and they need to go to bed! Check back soon to see the 4 new lapbooks we are adding to our blog
Blessings to you all!!

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