Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On the Road Again!!

Well here we are, yet again in our Home away from home? LOL Well we have travelled again, and yes Ladue Academy is fully functioning on the road! I have had questions about this subject.....Do the kids do schoolwork when you are travelling? and the answer to the question...OF COURSE! Actually I think they get to endeavour into more of the culture here and learn about their cultural background! Dad has been documenting an ongoing Culture Camp type of event here and the 2 older boys have been able to join in on the learning and the fun. So far they have taken in trapping, skinning hides, making snowshoes, making hunting packs, and have had the pleasure of listening to elders tell stories.
Tomorrow we are going to another town not far from here, where we will be checking out the house we are wanting to rent, so pray for us that all goes well.

Now on to our studies. This week will take us to the end of our dinosaur unit. Today I started on a tot book/activity pack with my Noah. He loved making the Land Before Time cards, which we got off of a site for those of us who teach tots...the site is called 1+1+1=1. Actually the 3 youngest boys played with them all morning and they loved it.
Today we read in Job about Behemoth and Leviathan. The boys were so interested and loved to draw the pictures of how the bible explained them. We plan to visit the local school here, later this week, where they have an actual chunk of rock with a dinosaur footprint. The rock was taken from a local cliff side here. So the boys will enjoy that. We were done our work not too long after lunch and went out for a walk and enjoyed the much needed sunlight and warmth.

Tomorrow we will all begin a unit study on the book Prince Caspian. We have also been looking over all of the Science lapbooks that the boys are interested in and have decided on doing one huge one on volcanoes. Mick is going to begin one on technology and computers and Josh is going to begin his guitar lap book. Daniel will continue on with his subtraction lap book and when we go home he will begin one on phonics. Noah and I will finish his new Dinosaur tot book and any other activities pertaining to dinosaurs.

Well it's late and I need sleep. So when I think of more to write I will, and you can be sure I will write about our adventures this week.

Loves you all

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