Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a weekend, and an awesome beginning to the week!!

Well our trip to the city was fun, trying and an adventure, to sum it all up. Not only did we have our 5 boys, we also had our "adopted" son with us.
The boys took part in a Hockey Tournament, which as you can imagine was a lot of going here going there, waking up early, going to bed late and some sick kids at the end of it all. However the kids did great and came in fourth place of the 9 teams in their category. They played 5 games, won 3 and lost 2.
The highlight of their weekend.....they got to see, and touch the legendary Stanley Cup!!!
I never seen kids so excited as they were when they found it it was going to be in the arena!! What a treat for them.
Yep there's my 5 wonderful boys, awestruck over the cup!! Another treat for them was to see their Nana and Uncle Joey. They flew up for the tournament and Uncle Joey played hockey as well. We always enjoy a visit with them even if it is just for a few days. Too bad Grandpa didn't come but next time!

Since we have been home we have been dealing with runny noses, ear infection, fever and a cranky baby! The joys of being in the midst of all those people and germs, but all in all the kids had a great time and got to play their most favorite sport.....Hockey!

Well we have had a great start to the week. Monday and Tuesday everyone was laying pretty low, due to the colds and fevers. We did however accomplish reading and English. Yesterday morning we found out that we are 7 weeks pregnant!! Yay. It is a few months earlier than planned, but God's timing is perfect! So we will have our last little bundle of joy in November! Just in time for her momma's birthday. We are all very excited. All the boys are very sure it is a girl, a couple of them say twin girls and we are being full of faith that we will have our darling daughter that we have been praying for.

Today we did get a lot accomplished considering I have been feeling ill today too. We did more algebra, fractions, Antarctica and finally started our Volcano unit. The boys read through a neat book we bought, about volcanoes and they did a project with lego and made a volcano with it. It was pretty cool, I will have to take pictures of it and put it on an upcoming post. My printer has run out of ink again so my plans for starting a study on Jesus as a boy and then His ministry, will be slower than planned. But maybe this is a good thing for us.

I was quite happy with myself today for getting more things sorted and packed...despite how I was feeling. My poor baby boy had a fever all day and followed me around the house when he had enough energy to get off the couch. I am looking at him now and it seems as though his fever may have finally broke. Thank God!
Well that is all I have to say for now, I am tired and I have some achey bones. Time for a hot hot shower and bed!! Good night all and God Bless you all

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