Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 38

Well Hello from the Big City!!

My two boys and I have been alone here for most of the time dealing with teething, flu colds and what not. However we are through it now and are so very excited because Daddy and the other boys are on their way here!! YAY!

Pulling out all the seeds!! Could you believe there were 359 in there

So what have we been up to? Well we have accomplished a lot with schoolwork for Daniel. We are currently working on a unit about fall, pumpkins and harvest! It's been fun and we are so close to being done. We bought a pumpkin and were able to carve it and explore the different textures and talk about the different uses for pumpkins. Our theme for our carving was "Let Your Light Shine for Jesus" Daniel really enjoyed this activity, David however was having nothing to do with touching

Here is David d
oing some of his own work!! Daniel being silly while pulling out
the "Yuckie Stuff"

I hope to complete this unit by Saturday and put the lapbook together so we can post about it.

"Let your light Shine for Jesus"
Jesus takes the Yuckie stuff away so
our light
can shine all night and day!

Danny and David with the finished pumpkin

We are working through our Hooked on Phonics and practicing various things in math. Next week we will be starting a Science unit on animals which I think Daniel looks very forward too. We will also be starting on our around the world tour in Social Studies which will fall in place well with animals and habitats. In Math we are going to be starting on Calendars, days, months etc, then moving into time and place value. We are really focusing on phonics and reading as well to get him up to par as well as with writing and spelling and altogether those three will fall into place!

Well i am 38 weeks today...two more weeks to go but I am hoping for 1. I had an ultrasound yesterday and she is doing well. They say she is about 6lbs 9oz now and she has a lot of hair! When they showed me her face she was sucking with her lips and it was so cute. I never seen that with the boys so this was new. Medical imagery has come so far it's crazy. I was up a lot last night with cramping and a great pain (ok not so great pain) in my upper left leg! I went to see my Doc today and I am 3cm dialated and the cervix is getting shorter.....this is encouraging. It won't be long now until we get to fianlly meet this little sweetheart.

For adventure today we are heading out to the mall later on with a good friend to meet up with another friend from back home. I am so happy to see her, it has been awhile!

Well look for another update coming your way soon!!
Blessings to you all

Just thought I'd add a few extra pics!

Here is Danny acting crazy after being cooped up in the room sick for a few days...don't worry we went for a walk after

Here is David with his Banana...funny story, everytime we go to the corner store all he wants for his treat is a banana, this momma won't say not to that!!

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  1. Hunter wouldn't touch the pumpkin either!

    Your tummy looks amazing!