Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Princess Has Arrived!!!

Introducing Sarai Faith Michelle Ladue

Born At 8:14 am Weighing in at 8lbs 4 oz with a ton of curly Black hair!!

Her First "Ride"

No one could hold this Mommy down!! I was gone from one hospital to the other one to be with her within 3 hours!! I had to be with her

Isn't she absolutely Precious!!!

Here is Daddy holding his little
"Princess" for the first time

Mommy holding Sarai
It was a whole day before we finally got to hold her
so these moments were so very precious for us!

So content is Daddy's arms!!! She already has stolen
his heart!!

Everytime I hold her now I just don't want to let her go
Leaving at nights is so hard for me.....I want to take
her with me everytime we go to eat or to go to bed
However we know she is in the Lord's hands and He holds
her when we are not!! The best place she can be, and I must
mention the awesome nurses the Lord has put in place to take care of
her and all the other precious babies there!!

Oh my the hair!! She has so much of it and it poofed
up like a little she is ust to cute!!

Well this is our little Princess. The Lord has given her great health and
strength. The doctors are very surprised at how well she is doing and
how healthy she is!! We all need to keep praying for her and that
she will continue to get stronger and healthier.
She will have surgery sometime soon, but we are not sure of a date
yet. Once surgery is complete she will have another two weeks in
hospital or until she is ready to go home. We will be so very happy
for that day to come. She is such a precious little gem.
She knows when her Mommy and Daddy are with her and gets very
upset when we are leaving.
She got to meet her brothers very briefly but we are hoping they will get to spend
a bit more time with her, however it is hard since we have to take them in
one at a time. The boys are such troopers though, keeping up with their
schoolwork and dealing as well as they can with all that is going on.
They were all so happy to meet her, and I think it they are quite
excited to bring her home. Noah was very concerned about us
leaving her there. Well there you have it in a nutshell, Sarai is here and
she is doing Great!! Thank you for your prayers and your continued prayers
stay tuned for more updates on our precious little Princess!!


  1. She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations.

  2. Sarai is so beautiful my friend I love her hair she is so precious can't wait to see some more pics God bless!!!1