Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our trip to the zoo!!

Storey Land Valley Zoo!!!

Well the day was beautiful so how better to spend it but at the Zoo. It was so much fun and to be able to see the kids faces seeing all the different animals was absolutely priceless!
This is the first animal we seen on our way in and would you know it is one of Noah's favorites so he was very excited!! What is it you ask? The Snow Leopard.

Here are the boys with the
monkeys, can you tell which are which? LOL

We were just in time to
see the sea lions being
and fed!

In the den of Nocturnal Animal

Can you find the Sloth?
How about the Armadillo

Well went to see the elephant in the elephant pen only to find out she was out on a walk, however we did manage to bump into her on her walk, up close and personal!! I love the pic of Noah with the elephant in the background!

And here is Mom, trying to keep up with the rest of the crew...they were way to fast for me, but I was enjoying the excersise and watching the kid's expressions on their faces and how excited they were running from pen to pen

Here is Josh giving us a tutorial on
Lemurs and Endangered Animals

This is the castle front at the zoo entrance and all my princes!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, met the Ladue Boys
and had a great fall...whoops I told you all the secret
of what really happened to the poor old egg!!

Engineer Noah and Passenger David

Mick being
eaten whole by a Hippo, poor poor hippo
doesn't know what's good for

Getting eaten by a Shark...AWWWWWWW

And to end the day with a roll down the hill!

Happy Kids + Lots of fun = Happy Parents!!!

Keep watching for more fun and more updates on baby Sarai...yes we are still waiting, but I feel it will be any day now!!

Blessings all

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