Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Different Christmas

Well our Christmas was definitely a different Christmas for us. Of course being in a hotel room there was no baking going on for us. I am so used to baking up a storm; cookies of all sorts, candy, food.....so I missed that. However we had baking brought to us by our Aunt Edna and a whole lot of goodies brought to us from Nana....It sure didn't last long in this room with all these boys! The closest we got to any of our own baking was a trip to Superstore where we were able to find a ready to assemble Gingerbread house!
The kids were so excited to put it together. On Christmas Eve they all gathered around the table assemble the house. The older two boys were in charge, making sure everyone got a turn putting their section together. I think the hardest part for them was waiting the 15 minutes, once the house was together, for the icing to harden a bit! David was sitting at the table the whole time "guarding" the candy. It was too cute.

Time for the decorating....they had a lot of fun with this part. There was a lot of finger licking going on and I think David may have put two candies on the house and the rest in his mouth...LOL
David Caught red handed!!

Then came time for a few pictures of them with their masterpiece and.............................

within a matter of 10 minutes most of it was devoured!

The kids were very excited at bedtime as most kids usually are. However they all went to bed pretty good, I think it was a bit harder for the older two. Once Dad and I got to bed it seemed like such a short time when I heard the older two boys whispering in their bed (Very unusual for us since this was the FIRST time we never had to wake them up!). When I looked at the time it was 5:30am! I told them they had to stay in bed, then I could not go back to sleep so I got up and did some pumping before everyone else got woken up. It is always so awesome to see their expressions of complete Joy and Excitement!

Our Cute little tree, on Christmas Eve night

Thanks to Daniel this was David's most favorite gift!!

So they all sat around in a circle and we first took a few minutes to reflect on What this day means to us and to pray. Then the kids all emptied out their stockings. David was so overly excited with the candy that was coming out of his and I think breakfast for 3 of them consisted of a Kinder surprise egg and licorice...lol The boys were quite pleased with their gifts. They are pretty thankful kids for whatever they receive.

Josh I-Pod Mick I-Pod Danny DSi

Noah Got Woody and Buzz Lightyear

Once everyone was dressed we headed over to see Sarai. Aww her first Christmas I am thankful she is so little and really couldn't be bothered. At first I went in to see her with Josh and Mick. I had her little Christmas dress but she looked to peaceful to bother her by putting it on so we just laid it on top of her and the boys each posed with her to get a picture. I think Sarai had more presents at her bedside from various people in the hospital than anyone else had under the tree! What awesome staff they have there. So Sarai got a visit from each of her brothers and Mommy and Daddy, and not to mention 2 Santa visits.

Daddy & Noah Mick David Josh
Danny and I didn't get ours taken :(
We spent a while with her then we headed to Drayton Valley for the day to spend some time with family and to have an awesome meal or 2 or 3. We arrived there around lunch time for a late breakfast and as soon as we were done eating lunch was being put on the table and a mere 4 hours later a great spread for supper! Man were we ever FULL!!! It was great to be out of the hotel room and for the kids to have some space to play
. They had a great time, we all did. The kids played and the adults got to have some time playing their own games, what a blast.
Obviously this was not taken at Christmas however it is cute!!
In the latter evening we headed back to the city, I think all the boys were absolutely exhausted. They all slept all the way back, well except for Danny I was quite surprised that he stayed up all day until we got back to the hotel. Once we arrived and everyone was in the room I went back over to the hospital for awhile to visit with our sweet little Princess!

Well that was our Christmas for 2009. Different however we were so blessed to have received what we did, to be together, to be able to spend time with our girl, to spend time with family, to enjoy some great food, but most of all to remember and reflect on this day when our Saviour was born!

Blessings to you all

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