Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well I have all these videos of my boys' lapbooks and I can't upload them!!! wah.....
Well I will figure it out and I am sure my wonderful husband will help me do that.

Well currently in our schooling Josh is doing fractions and decimals in math, more grammer, spelling and reading skills. Mick is working on geometry and shapes along with writing skills and reading comprehension. Together they are doing a notebook on Canadian history. In Science we are all moving into a unit on Dinosaurs!!! So along with that we will do some stuff on Volcanos too.
Daniel is carrying on with reading using Hooked on Phonics....math adding and subtracting and moving into adding and subtracting double digits soon. We are starting reading comprehension, working on printing and a lot of copywork. For Social he is working on a notebook about our community and as the other boys he will be starting some stuff on Dinosaurs shortly. Noah well he is come and go, so Idon't pressure him. Next year he will have to cooperate more but for now we just let him do as much or as little work as he wants but he has completed 3 lapbooks which is awesome! He is really into lions, zebras, well any animal from the Lion King so I am thinking about creating him a Lion King Lapbook!!! I will let you all know how it goes.
Well I am off now to get dinner on the table....mmmm we are having Pizza Casserole and salad tonight. YUMMY
God Bless

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